Zanussi 50029198004 Cooker Hood Light Diffuser

SKU: CHLD725/035

Fits: Zanussi

Also Known As: Lamp Cover, Light Cover, Lamp Diffuser, Plastic Cover, Bulb Cover

Includes plastic clip to secure lamp cover to cooker hood

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Overview: High quality Zanussi 50029198004 light cover for your cooker hood.

Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): CH250B, ZH5612NX, ZH6010W.I, ZH6020B2, CH250W, ZH5612W, ZH6010W/E, ZH6020B3, EFS611, ZH5612W/E, ZH6010W2, ZH6020N, NW9902, ZH5612W2, ZH6010W4, ZH6020N/E, ZB350B, ZH5612W4, ZH6010X, ZH6020W, ZB350SV, ZH5622N, ZH6010X.I, ZH6020W/E, ZB350W, ZH5622W, ZH6011B, ZH6020W2, ZB7602, ZH6010B, ZH6011B2, ZH6020W3, ZBW765, ZH6010B.I, ZH6011W, ZH6020W4, ZF601W, ZH6010B/E, ZH6011W/E, ZH6020X, ZF602W, ZH6010B2, ZH6011W2, ZH6021B, ZH280G, ZH6010K, ZH6014N, ZH6021B2, ZH5612B, ZH6010N.I, ZH6014W, ZH6021W, ZH5612B2, ZH6010N2, ZH6014X, ZH6021W2, ZH5612N, ZH6010W, ZH6020B, ZH6024N, ZH6024W, ZHI6005/GB, ZHP610 W4, ZHP622W, ZH6024X, ZHI600S/GB, ZHP610N, ZHT530W, ZH7633BR, ZHI60111G, ZHP610NX, ZHT530X, ZH7933, ZHI611G, ZHP610W, ZHT559B, ZH9020B, ZHI611GM, ZHP610W4, ZHT559W, ZH9020B3, ZHI615G, ZHP612B, ZHT600B, ZH9020N, ZHI621G, ZHP612N, ZHT600W, ZH9020W, ZHI622G, ZHP612NX, ZHT600X, ZH9020W3, ZHI623BR, ZHP612W, ZHT6011W, ZH9020X, ZHI623W, ZHP612W2, ZHT611N, ZH9021B, ZHN6001N, ZHP612WM, ZHT611W, ZH9021W, ZHN758, ZHP614N, ZHT621B, ZH9024X, ZHN768MF, ZHP614W, ZHT621W, ZHI280B, ZHP510 W4, ZHP622N, ZHT622B, ZHI28OW, ZHP510W4, ZHP622NX, ZHT622W, ZHT630M, ZHT658N, ZHT659W, ZHW7633, ZHT630W, ZHT658W, ZHW725, ZHW768MF, ZHT630X, ZHT658X, ZHW755, ZHW7933, ZHT650X/GB, ZHT659B, ZHW7581, ZHT658B, ZHT659N, ZHW759

Replaces: 50029198004

Measurements: 382mm x 55mm

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