Whirlpool Compatible 481946279963 Cooker Hood Lamp Cover

WhirlpoolSKU: CHLD764/964
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Measurements: 171mm x 65mm
Also Known As:Lamp Cover, Lamp Diffuser, Plastic Cover, Bulb Cover

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Overview: This high quality lamp cover replaces Whirlpool 481946279963 and other model numbers listed below. Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufactures names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): AKR630BR, AKR630GY1, AKR630GY, AKR630SW, AKR630WH, AKR632/NB, AKR632/WH, AKR632GY, AKR632NB, AKR632WH, AKR680GY, AKR681GY, AKR698AV, AKR698WH, AKR699WH-1, AKR910IX, AKR910WH, AKR986IX, AKR986NB, AKG754AV, AKG754WH, AKG768/BR/WP, AKG768/WH/WP, AKG768BRWP, AKG768GY, AKG768NB, AKG768WHWP, AKG770BR, AKG772BR, AKG772WH, AKG845F1BR, AKG950NB, AKG950WH, AKG953/NB, AKG986BR, AKG986WH, AKG991IX, AKG991NB, APBRCE/1, APWHCE/1, BIH832/BR, BIH832/GBBR, BIH832/GBWH, BIH832/WH, G2PCHC/GY

Replaces: 481946279963, 482000009368

Manufacturer original part: No

Serial Number(s): 857863201020, 857863201050, 857863201030, 857863201060, 857863201040, 857863201070, 857863201071, 857863001050, 857863001060, 853595038000, 853595038020, 853576815060, 857961515000, 857961515010, 857940215110, 857940215010, 857940215000, 857940215100, 857940415000

Measurements: 171mm x 65mm

Extra Information: Please note this is a compatible spare part, which correspond to manufactures names and numbers.

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