Whirlpool Cooker Hood Lamp Holder

SKU: CHLH114/448

Fits: Whirlpool

Also Known As: Light Bulb Holder, Bulb Holder

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Overview: Whirlpool cooker hood lamp holder for select models of Whirlpool cooker hoods.

Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): AME304, AME250, AME429, AME430, AME267, AME372, AME371, AME370, AME369, AME368, AME367, AME366, AME365, AME364, AME363, AME362, AME361, AME056, AME055, AME398, AME397, AME399, AME054, AME276, AME279, AME435, AME436, AME437, AME253, AME254, AME347, AME348, AKB062AV, AKB062/05/WH, AKB761BR, AKB761WH, AKB062/05/BR, AKB062/05/WH, AKB062/AV/WP, AKB06205/BR, AKB06205/WH, AKB063/05BR, AKB063/05WH, AKB063/5WH, AKG759HV, AKG759WH, AKG762WH, AKG766WH, AKG767BR, AKG767WH, AKG768BR, AKG768GY, AKG768NB, AKG768WH, AKG772BR, AKG773AV, AKG774AV, AKG952NB, AKG953NB, AKG954WH, AKG990AV, AKG762/BR/WP, AKG766AV, AKG766WH, AKG767/1AV, AKG767/1BL, AKG767/HV, AKG767/WH, AKG767BL, AKG769AV, AKG769BL, AKG770BR, AKG772WH, AKG773WH, AKG775/BR/WP, AKG775/WH/WP, AKG957/NB, AKG990/BR, AKG990/BR/WP, AKG990/WH, AKG990/WH/WP, AKG990AV, AKG990BR/WP, AKG990WH, AKG990WH/WP, AKR019/IX, AKR020/IX, AKR400AL, AKR400AV, AKR400IX, AKR400ME, AKR400NB, AKR400WH, AKR403WH, AKR410AV, AKR410IX, AKR410WH, AKR411AV, AKR411WH, AKR412AV, AKR412WH, AKR415NB, AKR415WH, AKR416AV, AKR416NB, AKR416WH, AKR417AV, AKR417WH, AKR420AV, AKR420AV-1, AKR420IX, AKR420IX-1, AKR420IX01, AKR420IX-1, AKR420ME-1, AKR420NB-1, AKR420WH, AKR420WH-1, AKR421WH, AKR421WH-1, AKR422IX, AKR424IX, AKR424NB, AKR424WH, AKR425NB, AKR425WH, AKR429AV, AKR429IX, AKR429NB, AKR429WH, AKR430IX, AKR431ME, AKR434AV, AKR434WH, AKR435AV, AKR435WH, AKR436NB, AKR436WH, AKR438NB, AKR438WH, AKR439AV, AKR439IX, AKR439NB, AKR439WH, AKR444AV, AKR444IX, AKR444NB, AKR444WH, AKR446IX, AKR446NB, AKR446WH, AKR453IX, AKR453NB, AKR453WH, AKR469IX, AKR501WH, AKR502WH, AKR507IX, AKR507ME, AKR507NB, AKR507WH, AKR558/2IX, AKR559/2IX, AKR563IX, AKR563NB, AKR563WH, AKR564IX, AKR590IX, AKR590NB, AKR590WH, AKR600GY, AKR601IN, AKR605IX, AKR606GY, AKR606IX, AKR607GY, AKR608IX, AKR609IX, AKR609NB, AKR609WH, AKR610BR, AKR610IX, AKR610WH, AKR611BL, AKR611BR, AKR611NB, AKR612WH, AKR613BR, AKR613WH, AKR614AV, AKR614BL, AKR614NB, AKR615AV, AKR615NB, AKR615WH, AKR616AV, AKR616WH, AKR620AV, AKR620IX, AKR620IX-2, AKR620NB, AKR620WH, AKR620/CH, AKR620/WH, AKR622GY, AKR624FBL, AKR624FNB, AKR625FAV, AKR625FBL, AKR625FNB, AKR629AV, AKR629NB, AKR629WH, AKR633GY-2, AKR633Y-2, AKR634GY/2, AKR637IX, AKR637NB, AKR637WH, AKR639IX, AKR639NB, AKR639WH, AKR641GY, AKR641WH, AKR642GY, AKR643GY, AKR643IX, AKR643NB, AKR643WH, AKR646IX, AKR650/GY, AKR652IX, AKR653AV, AKR653WH, AKR654AV, AKR654WH, AKR656IX, AKR656NB, AKR656WH, AKR658AV, AKR658WH, AKR665WH, AKR672IX, AKR673IX-1, AKR673NB-1, AKR673/WH-1, AKR676AL, AKR676IX, AKR676NB, AKR676WH, AKR676/01IX, AKR676/01WH, AKR677WH, AKR683GY-1, AKR683WH-1, AKR685IX, AKR688AL, AKR688WH, AKR689IX, AKR689NB, AKR689WH, AKR690GY, AKR690/AV, AKR691/AV, AKR692/AV, AKR693NB, AKR693/AV, AKR693/GY, AKR695GY, AKR695NB, AKR698NB, AKR699NB-2, AKR699WH-2, AKR720WH-1, AKR749IX, AKR749NB, AKR749WH, AKR754/1IX, AKR769AV, AKR769GY, AKR770AV, AKR770GY, AKR770/IX, AKR770/NB, AKR771GY, AKR771IX, AKR771NB, AKR800GY, AKR800NB, AKR850GY, AKR852GY, AKR852/GY, AKR886GY, AKR887GY, AKR900GY, AKR914GY, AKR915IX, AKR920ALU, AKR920IX, AKR920NB, AKR920WH, AKR934ME, AKR934WH, AKR937GY, AKR940IX, AKR940NB, AKR940WH, AKR942IX, AKR945IX, AKR946IX, AKR959IX, AKR961IX, AKR962IX, AKR964IX, AKR964NB, AKR964WH, AKR973IX-1, AKR973NB-1, AKR973WH, AKR976IX, AKR976NB, AKR976WH, AKR976/01AL, AKR976/01IX, AKR976/01WH, AKR976/IX, AKR984IX, AKR985IX, AKR985NB, AKR985WH, AKR987AR, AKR987GR, AKR987NA-2, AKR987WH, AKR989AL, AKR989IX, AKR989NA, AKR989NB, AKR989WH, AKR989/IX, AKR999IX, AKR400AV, AKR400IX, AKR400WH, AKR404AV, AKR404WH, AKR410AV, AKR410IX, AKR410WH, AKR418NB, AKR418WH, AKR420AV, AKR420AV-1, AKR420IX, AKR420IX-1, AKR420WH, AKR420WH-1, AKR425WH-1, AKR432ME, AKR453IX, AKR604AV, AKR610BR, AKR610IX, AKR610WH, AKR612AV, AKR613SW, AKR613WH, AKR620, AKR620/AV, AKR620IX, AKR620NB, AKR620WH, AKR628AV, AKR628WH, AKR641WH, AKR643/WH, AKR646IX, AKR650GY, AKR673NB-2, AKR676/01IX, AKR676/01WH, AKR677NB, AKR682AL, AKR692GR, AKR770GY, AKR852GY, AKR920AL, AKR920IX, AKR920WH, AKR934/NB, AKR973NB2, AKR976/01AL, AKR976/01IX, AKR976/01WH, AKS681AV, AKS681IX, AKS681WH, AVM950AV, AVM950WH, G2PCHV/GR, G2PCHC/GY, G2PCHV-2/BR, G2PCHV-2/GR, G2PCHV-2/ME, G2PCHV-2/SS, G2PCHV-2/WH, G2PCHV/BR, G2PCHV/SS, G2PCHV/WH, G2PCHV1/BR, G2PCHV1/SS, G2PCHV1/WH, G2PCHVSR-2/SS, G2PCHVSR-2/WH, G2PCHY/SS, G2PCHY/WH, AKG762/WH/WP

Replaces: 481225528008, C00311279

Serial Number(s): 208018904405, 208037245004, 208042646901, 208099746906, 208109304401, 208156346601, 208156346602, 208156346603, 208156346604, 208156346605, 208156346606, 208156346607, 208156346608, 208156346609, 208156346610, 208156346611, 208156346612, 208163646624, 208163646625, 208187646910, 208187646912, 208187646913, 208191546601, 208195543905, 208195543908, 208202146903, 208202146904, 208204646905, 208263104408, 208263104409, 208263204405, 208263204406

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