2x Universal 20W G4 Halogen Capsule Lamps

SKU: CHB183/673

Fits: Whirlpool

Suitable for all cooker hoods with the same specifications

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Overview: Bulb Type: G4 Halogen Wattage: 20W Voltage: 12V Colour: Clear

Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): AME280, AME251, AME252, AME323, AME322, AME388, AME445, AME444, AME439, AME43, AME045, AME449, AME353, AME352, AME047, AME046, AME440, AME281, AME282, AME283, AME441, AME442, AME048, AME285, AME300, AME443, AME389, AME326, AME334, AME338, AME446, AME447, AME339, AME340, AME298, AME341, AME299, AME342, AME448, AME351, AME349, AME350, AKR032IX, AKR450IX, AKR458AL, AKR468IX, AKR470IX, AKR473IX, AKR480IX, AKR506IX, AKR509IX, AKR510IX, AKR513IX, AKR524IX, AKR52 IX, AKR555/1IX, AKR558/1IX, AKR559/1IX, AKR562IX, AKR623IX, AKR631AL, AKR631IX, AKR640AL, AKR649IX, AKR670IX, AKR679IX, AKR684IX, AKR687IX, AKR696IX, AKR757IX, AKR767IX, AKR799IXL, AKR801IX, AKR802IX, AKR807IX, AKR808IX, AKR810IX, AKR918IX, AKR923IX, AKR938IX, AKR943IX, AKR948AL, AKR948IX, AKR950IX, AKR950/1IX, AKR951IX, AKR951/1IX, AKR952IX, AKR953IXWP, AKR953IX, AKR958IXWP, AKR958IX, AKR965IX, AKR966IX, AKR970IX, AKR979IX, AKR980IX, AKR983IX, AKR995/1IX, AKR996AL, AKR996IX, AKR405AV, AKR405WH, AKR440IX, AKR440NB, AKR440WH, AKR442IX, AKR442NB, AKR442WH, AKR447IX, AKR447NB, AKR447WH, AKR456IX, AKR459IX, AKR503IX, AKR513IX, AKR524IX, AKR623IX, AKR623NB, AKR623WH, AKR631IX, AKR655AV, AKR655IX, AKR655WH, AKR666/IX, AKR666IX, AKR666NB, AKR666WH, AKR667IX, AKR667NB, AKR667WH, AKR669/IX, AKR669IX, AKR669NB, AKR669WH, AKR670/IX, AKR670/NB, AKR670/WH, AKR670IX, AKR670NB, AKR670WH, AKR684/IX, AKR684/NB, AKR684/WH, AKR686IX, AKR687IX, AKR694, AKR694IX, AKR697IX, AKR703IX, AKR798IX, AKR799IX, AKR801IX, AKR802/IX, AKR805IX, AKR810IX, AKR812IX, AKR861IX, AKR891IX, AKR912IX, AKR917AL, AKR917IX, AKR917NB, AKR917WH, AKR918IX, AKR919AL, AKR919IX, AKR919NB, AKR919WH, AKR928/IX, AKR928IX, AKR931AL-1, AKR931AL, AKR948AL, AKR948IX, AKR950/1IX, AKR950IX, AKR951/1IX, AKR951IX, AKR957IX, AKR958IX, AKR958TI, AKR963AL, AKR963IX, AKR963NB, AKR963WH, AKR966IX, AKR967IX, AKR967NB, AKR967WH, AKR968IX, AKR969IX, AKR969NB, AKR969WH, AKR970/IX, AKR970IX, AKR972/1IX, AKR978IX, AKR979IX, AKR980IX, AKR981IX, AKR982, AKR982IX, AKR993IX, AKR994IX, AKR995/1IX, AKR996IX, AKR998IX

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