2x Universal 20W G4 Halogen Capsule Lamps

SKU: CHB183/689

Fits: Electrolux

Suitable for all cooker hoods with the same specifications

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Overview: Bulb Type: G4 Halogen Wattage: 20W Voltage: 12V Colour: Clear

Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): AFC90680X, EFC1410X/EU, EFC6420X/CH, EFC90500W, DD8861-AD, EFC1430X, EFC6421X, EFC90500X, DD8990AD, EFC1436X/S, EFC6426X/S, EFC90510X, DD8991-AD9, EFC1446X/S, EFC6450X, EFC90600S, DI8616-M, EFC1456U/S, EFC6680X, EFC90600X, EFA50700K, EFC1466U/S, EFC6690X, EFC90680X, EFA50700W, EFC1476U/S, EFC6940/CH, EFC939.1AL/CH, EFA50700X, EFC60244X, EFC6940CH, EFC939.1X/CH, EFA90500X, EFC60500K, EFC6941, EFC9404X, EFA90600X, EFC60500W, EFC90244X, EFC9414X/EU, EFB90580OX, EFC60500X, EFC90344K, EFC9418X, EFC009.1AL/CH, EFC60652X, EFC90344W, EFC9420X/CH, EFC009.1X/CH, EFC60670X, EFC90344X, EFC9421X, EFC0406X/S, EFC639.1X/CH, EFC90499X, EFC9426X/S, EFC1406X/S, EFC6414X/EU, EFC90500K, EFC9446U/S, EFC9447U/S, EFC9690X, EFCR942X, EFT60405W, EFC9457U/S, EFC980X, EFCR944U, EFT60405X, EFC9461U/A, EFC980X/EU, EFCR946X, EFT60410W, EFC9461X/A, EFC980X/GB, EFCR947X, EFT60466K, EFC9461X/T, EFCR0406X, EFCR948U, EFT60466S, EFC9466X/S, EFCR040X, EFCR957U, EFT60466W, EFC9476X, EFCR140X, EFCR997U, EFT70405X, EFC9476X/S, EFCR143X, EFT50410W, EFT70466W, EFC9486U/S, EFCR144X, EFT50466W, HD8990AD, EFC9490X, EFCR145U, EFT60200K, EFC9496U/S, EFCR147U, EFT60200W, EFC9680X, EFCR90500X, EFT60200X, EFV60440EX, DK9660-AD, EFC1460X, EFC9416X/S, EFCR141X, DK9690-AD, EFC615X/CH, EFC9436X/S, EFCR142X, DK9690-AD9, EFC6404X, EFC9440X/EU, EFCR941X, EFC1416X/S, EFC915X/CH, EFC9440X/GB, EFCR943X, EFC1420X, EFC9404X, EFC9460X, EFC1420X/CH, EFC9408X, EFC9460X/A, EFC1426X/S, EFC9415X/CH, EFC9460X/T, EFV60441EX, EFP60540OX

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