Universal 20W G4 Halogen Capsule Lamp

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Suitable for all cooker hoods with the same specifications

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Overview: Bulb Type: G4 Halogen Wattage: 20W Voltage: 12V Colour: Clear

Fits Model(s): BE600GL, BE605BGL, BE700GL, BK6EDGLSS, BT10.3BGL, BT10.3GL, BT16.3SS, BT16.3SSUK, BT19.3SS, BT19.3SSUK, BT6.3BGL, BT6.3GL, BT7.3BGL, BT7.3GL, BT9.3BGL, BT9.3GL, BTC6510GL, BTC6740SS, BTC6750GL, BTC9740SS-UK, BTC9750GL, BTC977SS, BTI9170GL, BTI975GL, BU676GL, AG900GL, ISL5SS, BE60GL, BWT7.3GL, BWE600GL, BWT9.3GL, BWTC6510GL, BTC6510GL-EU, BTC6530BL, BTC6530SS, BTC6530SS-EU, BT16.3SSHK, BTC6740SS-UK, BTC9530BL, BTC9530SS, BKH600SS, BKH900SS, BK6GLSS, BK9EDGLSS, BK9GLSS, GHS91BK, BT39.2SS, BTC9740SS-EU, BTC9740SS-EU, BT39.2SS, BT103BGL, BT103GL, BT163SS, BT163SSUK, BT193SS, BT193SSUK, BT63BGL, BT63GL, BT73BGL, BT73GL, BT93BGL, BT93GL, BWT73GL, BWT93GL, BT163SSHK, BT392SS, BT392SS

Replaces: 07038461

Manufacturer original part: No

Extra Information: Manufacturers names and numbers are used for reference purpose only, these parts are no way associated with the initial manufacturers parts.

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