2x Universal 20W G4 Halogen Capsule Lamps

SKU: CHB913/386

Fits: Bauknecht

Suitable for all cooker hoods with the same specifications

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Overview: Bulb Type: G4 Halogen Wattage: 20W Voltage: 12V Colour: Clear

Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): DBR5812/01INPT, DBR5890IXL, DBR5890/01INPT, DBR 5890/02IN, DBR6790IN, DBR6990IXL, DBR6990/01IN, DBRI5810/01INPT, DBRI6910/01INPT, DDB3660IN, DDB3660/2, DDB3690IN, DDB3690/2, DDB5790IN, DDB7760IN, DDB7790IN, DDB5301IN, DDBI5790IN, DDC4790IN, DDCI4790EMIN, DDCI4790IN, DDE5760AL, DDE5760IN, DDE5790IN, DDEI5790AL, DDEI5790IN, DDG3660IN, DDG3660/2, DDG3690IN, DDG3690/2IN, DDG5660IN, DDG5690IN, DDGI3610IN, DDGI3611IN, DDGI5610IN, DDL5890AL, DDL5890IN, DDL5890AL, DDL5890IN, DDLE5790IN, DDLE5790/1IN, DDLE5890IN, DDLE5790IN, DDLI5710IN, DDLI5710/1IN, DDLI5710, DDLI5810IN, DDLR5790IN, DDT7790IN, DGM2660IN, DGM2660/2IN, DGM2690IN, DKEL3860IN, DKEL3890IN, DKEL5760INBK, DKEL5760IN, DKEL5790IN, DKR5890/02IN, DNV5390IN, DST5490IN/PT, DSTI5410IN/PT, DTR5890/02IN, DWER3750IN, DWER3780IN, EM4790

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