Turbo Compatible Cooker Hood Carbon Filter

SKU: CHF475/195

Fits: Turbo

Also Known As:Charcoal Filter, Anti Odour Filter, Extractor Filter, Active Filter

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Overview: This high quality carbon filter will create a fresher kitchen environment for you and your family. They do this by recirculating the air to keep bad food odours at bay, while absorbing the grease residue left behind after use. We recommend that you replace your carbon filter at least once every 6 months to keep them running efficiently.

Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): AD6800/120F H60 INOX, C993N/60F 1M INOX H, C993N/90F 1M 9010, C993N/90F T9 NERO O., AR4500/90A RAME T9 C, C993N/60F 1M NERO O., C993N/90F 1M INOX, C993N/90F T9 WHITE, C890/60F T9 LS INOX, C993N/60F T9 9010, C993N/90F 1M INOX H, C993R/60F H30 1M 901, C890/60F T9 LS NERO, C993N/60F T9 9010 H, C993N/90F 1M NERO O., C993R/60F H30 1M INO, C890/90F T9 LS 9010, C993N/60F T9 INOX, C993N/90F 2M NERO O., C993R/60F H30 1M NER, C890/90F T9 LS INOX, C993N/60F T9 INOX H, C993N/90F T9 9010 H, C993R/60F H30 T9 901, C890/90F T9 LS NERO, C993N/60F T9 MARR., C993N/90F T9 BROWN, C993R/60F H30 T9 INO, C950/90F HP INOX T2., C993N/60F T9 NERO H, C993N/90F T9 INOX, C993R/60F H30 T9 NER, C993N/60F 1M 9010, C993N/60F T9 NERO O., C993N/90F T9 INOX H, C993R/70F 1M 9010, C993N/60F 1M INOX, C993N/60F T9 WHITE, C993N/90F T9 NERO H, C993R/70F 1M INOX, C993R/70F 1M NERO OP, C994RE/60F T9 INOX, C996E/60F T9 9010, C996E/90F T9 WHITE, C993R/70F T9 INOX, C994RE/60F T9 NERO O, C996E/60F T9 BROWN, C996N/90F 9010, C993R/70F T9 NERO OP, C994RE/60F T9 WHITE, C996E/60F T9 INOX, C997E/120F T9 9010 C, C993R/90F H30 1M 901, C994RE/90F T9 BLACK, C996E/60F T9 NERO OP, C997E/120F T9 INOX C, C993R/90F H30 1M INO, C994RE/90F T9 INOX, C996E/60F T9 WHITE, C997E/120F T9 NERO C, C993R/90F H30 1M NER, C994RE/90F T9 S/S P, C996E/90F NC T9 INOX, C997E/90F T9 B.WIT, C993R/90F H30 T9 901, C994RE/90F T9 WHITE, C996E/90F NC T9 NERO, C997E/90F T9 BLACK, C993R/90F H30 T9 INO, C996E/60F NC T9 INOX, C996E/90F T9 9010, C997E/90F T9 INOX, C993R/90F H30 T9 NER, C996E/60F NC T9 NERO, C996E/90F T9 INOX, C997E/90F T9 NERO O., C994RE/60F T9 BLACK, C996E/60F NC T9 WHIT, C996E/90F T9 NERO OP, DH1005/90F T9 BASE 9, DH1005/90F T9 BASE I, EX76/90F 1M 3V 1L N., EX77/60F 1M 1F B.STN, EX77R/60F 1M 1F MAR, DH1005/90F T9 BASE N, EX76/90F 1M 3V 1L NE, EX77/60F 1M 1F BLACK, EX77R/60F 1M 1F NER, DH1006E/180F T9 INOX, EX76/90F 1M3V N.GREY, EX77/60F 1M 1F BROWN, EX77R/60F 1M 1F NERO, DH1007/120A T9 INOX, EX76R/60A 1M 3V 1L N, EX77/60F 1M 1F NEW, EX77R/60F 1M 1F NEW, EX75R/60F 1M 2V 1L N, EX76R/60A 1M 3V1L NE, EX77/90F 1M 1F B.ST, EX77R/60F TWIN 2F 90, EX75R/90F 1M 2V 1L, EX76R/60A 1M 3V1L NG, EX77/90F 1M 1F BLAC, EX77R/60F TWIN 2F MA, EX75R/90F 1M 2V 1L N, EX76R/60F 1M 3V 1L N, EX77R/56,2F 1M 1F N, EX77R/60F TWIN 2F NE, EX76/60F 1M 3V 1L N., EX76R/90A 1M 3V 1L N, EX77R/56,2F 2M 1F N, EX77R/90F 1M 1F NERO, EX76/60F 1M 3V 1L NE, EX76R/90F 1M 3V 1L N, EX77R/60A TWIN 2F 90, EX77R/90F 1M1F NERO, EX76/60F 1M3V NERO O, EX77/56,2F 2M 1F NE, EX77R/60F 1M 1F 901, EX78/60F 1M 1F NEW G, EX78/60F TWIN 2F 901, GR01R/60F H44SC 1M 9, GR01RT/60A H44SC 1M, GR04N/52F 2M NERO OP, EX78/60F TWIN 2F NEW, GR01R/60F H44SC 1M M, GR01RT/90A H44SC 1M, GR04N/52F 2M RAL 901, EX78/90F 1M 1F NEW G, GR01R/60F H44SC 1M N, GR03R/60F H44SC 2M N, GR04N/52F 2M TDF F.M, EX78/90F TWIN 2F NEW, GR01R/60F H44SC 1M W, GR03R/90F H44SC 2M N, GR04N/52F 2M WHITE, EX78R/60F 1M 1F N.G., GR01R/86,2F H44SC 1M, GR04N/52F 1M 9010, GR04N/56F 1M BROWN, EX78R/60F 1M 1F NER, GR01R/90A/F H44SC 1M, GR04N/52F 1M BROWN, GR04N/56F 1M NERO OP, EX78R/60F 1M 1F NERO, GR01R/90F H44SC 1M 9, GR04N/52F 1M NERO OP, GR04N/56F 1M RAL 901, EX78R/90F TWIN 2F NG, GR01R/90F H44SC 1M M, GR04N/52F 1M NEW GRE, GR04N/56F 1M WHITE, GR01R/56,2F H44SC 1M, GR01R/90F H44SC 1M N, GR04N/52F 1M WHITE, GR04N/56F 2M BROWN, GR01R/60A/F H44SC 1M, GR01R/90F H44SC 1M W, GR04N/52F 2M MARRONE, GR04N/56F 2M NERO OP, GR04N/56F 2M RAL 901, GR04R/52F 1M NEW GRE, GR05N/60F 1M MARR., GR08N/50F 1M WHITE, GR04N/56F 2M WHITE, GR04R/52F 2M NERO OP, GR05N/60F 1M NERO OP, GR08N/50F 1M WHITE F, GR04N/74F 1M N.GREY, GR04R/52F 2M NEW GRE, GR05N/60F 1M WHITE, GR08N/60A 1M 2FA WHI, GR04N/74F 1M NERO OP, GR04R/56F 1M NEW GRE, GR06N/90F 2M 9010, GR08N/60A 1M BL. M.A, GR04N/74F 1M RAL 901, GR04R/56F 2M NEW GRE, GR06N/90F 2M MARR., GR08N/60A 1M WH. M.A, GR04N/74F 2M MARRONE, GR04R/74F 1M NEW GRE, GR08N/50A 1M BLACK F, GR08N/60A/F 1M NERO, GR04N/74F 2M NERO OP, GR04R/74F 1M WHITE, GR08N/50F 1M BLACK, GR08N/60F 1M 2FA WHI, GR04N/74F 2M RAL 901, GR04R/74F 2M NEW GRE, GR08N/50F 1M BROWN, GR08N/60F 1M 9010, GR04R/49F 2M NERO O., GR05N/60F 1M 9010, GR08N/50F 1M BROWN, GR08N/60F 1M BROWN, GR04R/52F 1M NERO OP, GR05N/60F 1M BLACK, GR08N/50F 1M WHITE, GR08N/60F 1M NERO OP, GR08N/60F 1M WHITE, GR08N/90F 2M 2FA WHI, K2001/60F 9010 V, K2002/60F BLACK, GR08N/60F 2M 2FA BLA, GR08N/90F 2M 9010, K2001/60F BLACK, K2002/60F BROWN, GR08N/60F 2M 2FA BRO, GR08N/90F 2M NERO OP, K2001/60F BROWN, K2002/60F WHITE, GR08N/60F 2M 2FA WHI, GR09NI/60A-B-LAMP.90, K2001/60F MARR. V, K701R/50F BLACK, GR08N/60F 2M 9010, GR09NI/60F-B-LAMP. N, K2001/60F NERO OP. V, K701R/50F BROWN, GR08N/60F 2M NERO OP, GR09NI/60F-B-LAMP.90, K2001/60F WHITE, K701R/50F S/S, GR08N/90A/F 1M NERO, GR09NI/90A-B-LAMP.90, K2001/60F WHITE VEL., K701R/50F WHITE, GR08N/90F 1M BROWN, GR09NI/90F-B-LAMP. N, K2001/90F 9010 V, K701R/55F BROWN, GR08N/90F 1M NERO OP, GR09NI/90F-B-LAMP.90, K2001/90F MARR. V, K701R/55F WHITE, GR08N/90F 1M WHITE, GR14/90F 1M NERO O., K2001/90F NERO OP. V, K701R/60F BLACK, K701R/60F BROWN, K702R/100F NERO O., K702R/55F WHITE, K702R/60F NERO O. FR, K701R/60F S/S, K702R/50F BROWN, K702R/60A BR. VDE, K702R/60F RAL 9010, K701R/60F WHITE, K702R/50F NERO O., K702R/60F BLACK, K702R/60F RAL9010 GR, K701R/90F BLACK, K702R/50F RAL 9010, K702R/60F BR., K702R/60F WHITE, K701R/90F BROWN, K702R/50F S/S, K702R/60F BR. FRONT., K702R/70F 9010, K701R/90F S/S, K702R/50F WHITE, K702R/60F BROWN, K702R/70F BR., K701R/90F WHITE, K702R/55F BLACK, K702R/60F FR.INX, K702R/70F FR.INX, K702R/100A 9010, K702R/55F BROWN, K702R/60F INX, K702R/70F INX, K702R/100F FR.INX, K702R/55F RAL 9010, K702R/60F N.GREY, K702R/70F NERO O., K702R/100F INOX, K702R/55F S/S, K702R/60F NERO O., K702R/70F S/S F.M., K702R/80F BR., K702R/90F INX, K704R/55F BROWN, K705R/50F BLACK, K702R/80F BR. FRONT., K702R/90F NERO O., K704R/55F S/S, K705R/50F BROWN, K702R/80F FR.INX, K702R/90F RAL 9010, K704R/55F WHITE, K705R/50F BROWN F.M, K702R/80F INX, K702R/90F RAL9010 GR, K704R/60F BLACK, K705R/50F S/S, K702R/80F NERO O., K702R/90F WHITE, K704R/60F BROWN, K705R/50F S/S F.MET, K702R/80F RAL 9010, K704R/50F BLACK, K704R/60F S/S, K705R/50F WHITE, K702R/80F RAL9010 GR, K704R/50F BROWN, K704R/60F WHITE, K705R/50F WHITE F.M, K702R/90F BR. FRONT., K704R/50F S/S, K704R/90F BROWN, K705R/55F BROWN, K702R/90F BROWN, K704R/50F WHITE, K704R/90F S/S, K705R/55F S/S, K702R/90F FR.INX, K704R/55F BLACK, K704R/90F WHITE, K705R/55F WHITE, K705R/60F BLACK, K706RP/60A WHITE, K802R/60A 2M 9010, K802R/60F 2M RAME S., K705R/60F BROWN, K706RP/60F BLACK, K802R/60A 2M INX, K802R/60F 2M TDF, K705R/60F BROWN F.M, K706RP/60F BROWN, K802R/60A 2M NERO O., K802R/60F 2M TERRA B, K705R/60F S/S, K706RP/60F WHITE, K802R/60F 2M 9010, K802R/60F 2M WHITE, K705R/60F S/S F.MET, K801R/60F 2M BROWN, K802R/60F 2M FR.INOX, K802R/80F 2M 9010, K705R/60F WHITE, K801R/60F 2M WHITE, K802R/60F 2M INOX, K802R/80F 2M INX, K705R/60F WHITE F.M, K802R/100F 2M FR.INX, K802R/60F 2M INX, K802R/80F 2M MARR., K705R/90F BROWN, K802R/100F 2M INOX, K802R/60F 2M MARR., K802R/80F 2M NERO O., K705R/90F S/S, K802R/100F 2M NERO O, K802R/60F 2M N.GREY, K802R/90A 2M 9010, K705R/90F WHITE, K802R/100F 2M RAL 90, K802R/60F 2M NERO O., K802R/90F 2M 9010, K802R/90F 2M FR.INOX, K804R/60A 2M WHITE, K806RP/90F 2M TERRA, PE650/90F 9010 CO, K802R/90F 2M INOX, K804R/60F 2M BROWN, PE1150/90F GRIGIO ME, PE650/90F BLACK CORN, K802R/90F 2M MARR., K804R/60F 2M S/S, PE400/60F 1M INOX, PE650/90F INOX430 CO, K802R/90F 2M NERO O., K804R/60F 2M WHITE, PE400/60F 1M NERO OP, PE650/90F NERO CO, K802R/90F 2M RAME S., K805R/60F 2M BROWN, PE400/90A 1M INOX, PE650/90F WHITE 9010, K802R/90F 2M TDF., K805R/60F 2M WHITE, PE400/90F 1M INOX, PE750/60F RAME S.B.T, K802R/90F 2M TERRA B, K806RP/60F 2M BLACK, PE400/90F 1M NERO OP, PE750/90F RAME S.B.T, K804R/60A 2M BLACK, K806RP/60F 2M BROWN, PE400/90F 1M WHITE, PE850/90F T9 H.915 A, K804R/60A 2M BROWN, K806RP/60F 2M TERRA, PE400/90F 2M INOX, PR550/90F 9010 T2.99, K804R/60A 2M S/S, K806RP/60F 2M WHITE, PE650/120F INOX430 C, PR650/60F 9010 T2.99, PR650/90F 9010 T2.99, PR850/90F 9010 T2.99, TEOREMA/90F 2M 9010, TL18GR/56,2A 1M INOX, PR751/60F H.63 B.BUC, TEOREMA/60F 2M 9010, TEOREMA/90F 2M MARR., TL18GR/86,2A IM INOX, PR751/60F H.87 B.BUC, TEOREMA/60F 2M MARR, TEOREMA/90F 2M NERO, TL40/90F LS T9 INOX, PR751/90F H.63 B.BUC, TEOREMA/60F 2M NERO, TEOREMA/90F 2M WHITE, TR150/60F T2.99 RAME, PR751/90F H.85 B.BUC, TEOREMA/60F 2M WHITE, TL10/90F LS T9 INOX, TR150/90F T2.99 RAME

Serial Number(s): T5102153000, T5101059000, T5101060000, T5101085000, T5102282000, T5102283000, T5101052000, T5101055000, T5101064000, T5101068000, T5103143000, T5101372000, T5101762000, T5101071000, T5101070000, T5101204000, T5101723000, T5101081000, T5101062000, T5101066000, T5101205000, T5101377000, T5101075000, T5101098000, T5101206000, T5101378000, T5101379000, T5101079000, T5101083000, T5101094000, T5101207000, T5101380000, T5101072000, T5103142000, T5101208000, T5101209000, T5102165000, T5101077000, T5101082000, T5101087000, T5101210000, T5101050000, T5101073000, T5101092000, T5101096000, T5101217000, T5101053000, T5101057000, T5103137000, T5101090000, T5101095000, T5101218000, T5101219000, T5101384000, T5101392000, T5101141000, T5103154000, T5101220000, T5101385000, T5101386000, T5103151000, T5101136000, T5101221000, T5103285000, T5103287000, T5103290000, T5101146000, T5101166000, T5101228000, T5103292000, T5103295000, T5101143000, T5101167000, T5101168000, T5101169000, T5101749000, T5101229000, T5101393000, T5103152000, T5101170000, T5101171000, T5101172000, T5101230000, T5103294000, T5101162000, T5101185000, T5101231000, T5103293000, T5103296000, T5101160000, T5101184000, T5101232000, T5101151000, T5101153000, T5101186000, T5101187000, T5101188000, T5101190000, T5101233000, T5101149000, T5101157000, T5101191000, T5101192000, T5101193000, T5103288000, T5103153000, T5101155000, T5101125000, T5101127000, T5101128000, T5102320000, T5103103000, T5101826000, T5101126000, T5102313000, T5102317000, T5102324000, T5102328000, T5103105000, T5101827000, T5101828000, T5101829000, T5101830000, T5101831000, T5101832000, T5101833000, T5101834000, T5101835000, T5101836000, T5101837000, T5102106000, T5102316000, T5103104000, T5101839000, T5102102000, T5102331000, T5102483000, T5101838000, T5102087000, T5102015000, T5102019000, T5102346000, T5103106000, T5101910000, T5101911000, T5101912000, T5101913000, T5102024000, T5102025000, T5102342000, T5103107000, T5101914000, T5102021000, T5102028000, T5102036000, T5102046000, T5102330000, T5102333000, T5102334000, T5102341000, T5102348000, T5102350000, T5103506000, T5103514000, T5101798000, T5102047000, T5101915000, T5101916000, T5101917000, T5101918000, T5101919000, T5102310000, T5102318000, T5102338000, T5101893000, T5101888000, T5102307000, T5102311000, T5102325000, T5102336000, T5102339000, T5102340000, T5102343000, T5102347000, T5102351000, T5103507000, T5101901000, T5101882000, T5101756000, T5102327000, T5102484000, T5101822000, T5101823000, T5101824000, T5101825000, T5102486000, T5101724000, T5100710000, T5100716000, T5100748000, T5100649000, T5100650000, T5102485000, T5100712000, T5100749000, T5100651000, T5100652000, T5102481000, T5100714000, T5100718000, T5100741000, T5100653000, T5102482000, T5103096000, T5100746000, T5103074000, T5103911000, T5100720000, T5100722000, T5100645000, T5103069000, T5101965000, T5100734000, T5103066000, T5100662000, T5101967000, T5101968000, T5101969000, T5101972000, T5101973000, T5100727000, T5100646000, T5100663000, T5103904000, T5100729000, T5100647000, T5103071000, T5100703000, T5100705000, T5100731000, T5100733000, T5103067000, T5103076000, T5100719000, T5103098000, T5100648000, T5100664000, T5100665000, T5100666000, T5100615000, T5100545000, T5103030000, T5103077000, T5101731000, T5100549000, T5103037000, T5103073000, T5100616000, T5103027000, T5103091000, T5100677000, T5100678000, T5100619000, T5100551000, T5103045000, T5100679000, T5100620000, T5101622000, T5100553000, T5103047000, T5100680000, T5100628000, T5100629000, T5103036000, T5100562000, T5100681000, T5100682000, T5103065000, T5103032000, T5103088000, T5100683000, T5100630000, T5103031000, T5100557000, T5100563000, T5103887000, T5100543000, T5103029000, T5103039000, T5102385000, T5103026000, T5103034000, T5100559000, T5100561000, T5100564000, T5103041000, T5103095000, T5100527000, T5103022000, T5103093000, T5100579000, T5101722000, T5103016000, T5103020000, T5103092000, T5100581000, T5103014000, T5103024000, T5103094000, T5100586000, T5100594000, T5100596000, T5100529000, T5102805000, T5100570000, T5100587000, T5100531000, T5102804000, T5100572000, T5100575000, T5100578000, T5100585000, T5100593000, T5100595000, T5103018000, T5102808000, T5100569000, T5100598000, T5100603000, T5100605000, T5103012000, T5102806000, T5103048000, T5100599000, T5100533000, T5102809000, T5100566000, T5100568000, T5100597000, T5100604000, T5100535000, T5102810000, T5103049000, T5103425000, T5100537000, T5102813000, T5102811000, T5100158000, T5102832000, T5102098000, T5102817000, T5102826000, T5100175000, T5100208000, T5100210000, T5100211000, T5100213000, T5102815000, T5100166000, T5100195000, T5100214000, T5102820000, T5100167000, T5100197000, T5100198000, T5102835000, T5102819000, T5102829000, T5100199000, T5100223000, T5102822000, T5102827000, T5100196000, T5100224000, T5102821000, T5102831000, T5100200000, T5100202000, T5100203000, T5100225000, T5100152000, T5102830000, T5100204000, T5100205000, T5100226000, T5100159000, T5102381000, T5102674000, T5100227000, T5100160000, T5102834000, T5100206000, T5100207000, T5102838000, T5100238000, T5100266000, T5100267000, T5102849000, T5102883000, T5100239000, T5100268000, T5100269000, T5102855000, T5102881000, T5100240000, T5100241000, T5100270000, T5100271000, T5100272000, T5102853000, T5103464000, T5100242000, T5100273000, T5102859000, T5102885000, T5100243000, T5102839000, T5102857000, T5103465000, T5100244000, T5100245000, T5102843000, T5102863000, T5102884000, T5100246000, T5102841000, T5102861000, T5103466000, T5100262000, T5102847000, T5102865000, T5102886000, T5100261000, T5102845000, T5102867000, T5102889000, T5100263000, T5100265000, T5102851000, T5102866000, T5102887000, T5102892000, T5102908000, T5100288000, T5100291000, T5101777000, T5102890000, T5102906000, T5100296000, T5100312000, T5100313000, T5103467000, T5102904000, T5100300000, T5101668000, T5102896000, T5102907000, T5100302000, T5100303000, T5102840000, T5103468000, T5102823000, T5100304000, T5100305000, T5100332000, T5102894000, T5102824000, T5100306000, T5100333000, T5103469000, T5100283000, T5100307000, T5100334000, T5102897000, T5100284000, T5100308000, T5100309000, T5100335000, T5102900000, T5100285000, T5102673000, T5100339000, T5102899000, T5100287000, T5100310000, T5100311000, T5100350000, T5100351000, T5100352000, T5102879000, T5102786000, T5102714000, T5100353000, T5100539000, T5102869000, T5103338000, T5103327000, T5103328000, T5100354000, T5100355000, T5102875000, T5101420000, T5101664000, T5101443000, T5101446000, T5101447000, T5102062000, T5103329000, T5100356000, T5100357000, T5102873000, T5101739000, T5101441000, T5101778000, T5102901000, T5101423000, T5103325000, T5103326000, T5100358000, T5100359000, T5102902000, T5101435000, T5101663000, T5102711000, T5101667000, T5102911000, T5101740000, T5102134000, T5102872000, T5102878000, T5102909000, T5103324000, T5103386000, T5102877000, T5102785000, T5102731000, T5102273000, 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Measurements: Diameter: 170mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Geoff Worboys
Satisfied customer

Good product which is a good fit to existing fan

Very good item

It was easy to find this item - using model number.
It was easy to buy the item and it was easy to receive it.
Surprisingly it was also easy to install it ;)
A bit expensive for a piece of plastic and coal. Works well.