Neff 00625761 Cooker Hood Halogen Lamp E14 30W

SKU: CHB923/335

Fits: Neff

Neff Part Number: 00625761

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Overview: Neff 00625761 Cooker Hood Halogen Lamp for select models of Neff cooker hoods.

Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): B1100W0GB/01, B1421N2GB/02, B6774N0GB/02, D1613B0GB/01, D1613N0GB/01, D1613S0GB/01, D1613W0GB/01, D1623B0/01, D1623B0GB/01, D1623N0GB/01, D1623S0/01, D1623W0/01, D1623W0/02, D1623W0GB/01, D2615X0GB/01, D2616F0GB/06, D2618X0GB/01, D2654X0GB/01, D2664X0GB/01, D4618X0GB/01, D4644X0GB/01, D4644X0GB/03, D4644X0GB/05, D4644X0GB/06, D5612X0GB/02, D5612X0GB/03, D5622X0GB/02, D5622X0GB/03, D5625X0GB/01, D5652X0GB/01, D5652X0GB/04, D5852X0GB/01, D5852X0GB/02, D5852X0GB/04, D66B20N0GB/01, D66B21S0GB/01, D66S23N0GB/01, D69B21N0GB/01, D69B21S0GB/01, D8012N0GB/01, D8600N0GB/01, D8600S0GB/01, D8600W0GB/01, D8601N0GB/01, D8602J0/01, D8602J0/03, D8602J0/04, D8602J0/05, D8602N0/01, D8602N0/03, D8602N0/04, D8602N0/05, D8602N0/06, D8602N0/07, D8602N0GB/01, D8602N0GB/03, D8602N0GB/04, D8602N0GB/05, D8602N0GB/06, D8602N0GB/07, D8602S0/01, D8602S0/03, D8602S0/04, D8602S0/05, D8602S0/06, D8602S0/07, D8602S0GB/03, D8602S0GB/04, D8602S0GB/05, D8602S0GB/06, D8602S0GB/07, D8602U0/01, D8602U0GB/01, D8602U0GB/03, D8602U0GB/04, D8602V0/01, D8602V0GB/01, D8602V0GB/03, D8602V0GB/04, D8602W0/01, D8602W0/03, D8602W0/04, D8602W0/05, D8602W0/06, D8602W0/07, D8602W0/08, D8602W0GB/01, D8602W0GB/03, D8602W0GB/04, D8602W0GB/05, D8602W0GB/06, D8602W0GB/07, D8612N0GB/01, D8642N0GB/01, D8702N0GB/01, D8702N0GB/06, D8702N0GB/07, D8712N0/01, D8712N0GB/01, D8742N0GB/01, D8900N0GB/01, D8900S0GB/01, D8901N0(00), D8901N0GB(00), D8901N0GB/01, D8901S0GB(00), D8902J0/01, D8902J0/03, D8902J0/04, D8902J0/05, D8902N0/01, D8902N0/03, D8902N0/04, D8902N0/05, D8902N0/06, D8902N0GB/01, D8902N0GB/03, D8902N0GB/04, D8902N0GB/05, D8902N0GB/06, D8902S0/01, D8902S0/03, D8902S0/04, D8902S0/05, D8902S0/06, D8902S0GB/01, D8902S0GB/03, D8902S0GB/04, D8902S0GB/06, D8902U0/01, D8902U0/03, D8902U0/04, D8902U0/05, D8902V0/01, D8902V0/03, D8902V0/04, D8902V0/05, D8902W0/01, D8902W0/03, D8902W0/04, D8902W0/05, D8902W0/06, D8902W0/07, D8902W0GB/01, D8902W0GB/03, D8902W0GB/04, D8902W0GB/05, D8902W0GB/06, D8908C0/01, D8908C0/03, D8908C0/05, D8908C0GB/01, D8908C0GB/02, D8908C0GB/03, D8912N0GB/01, D8942N0GB/01, D9610A0/01, D9610A0/03, D9610A0GB/01, D9610A0GB/02, D9610N0/01, D9610N0/02, D9610N0GB/01, D9610N0GB/02, D96S2N0/01, D96S2N0/02, D96S2N0GB/01, D9750N0GB/01, D97S2N0GB/01, D9910A0/01, D9910A0/03, D9910A0/04, D9910A0GB/01, D9910N0/01, D9910N0/02, D9910N0GB/01, D9910N0GB/02, D9920N1GB/01, D99S2N0GB/01, H5641F0GB/01, U1552W0GB/01, D86E21N0GB/01, D9610N0GB/01, D9610N0GB/02, D66B21N0GB/01, D66B21N0GB/02, D16BS01N0B/01, D2654X1GB/01

Replaces: 00625761, 00037647, 00156826, 00156684, 00612312

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Replaced the old traditional bulbs with these halogen bulbs...what a difference! Great service. Would use again.