Neff 00621473 Halogen Lamp Assembly

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Fits: Neff

Also Known As:Complete Halogen Light, Halogen Lamp Assembly

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Overview: Specification Wattage: 20w Volts: 12v This Neff 00621473 halogen light bulb assembly can be fitted onto the underside of your cooker hood, it will provide light when you're cooking and can be replaced.

Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): I89DK62N0B/01, I89DK62N0B/02, D89DK62N0B/01, D89DK62N0B/02, D89DK62N0B/03, D86DK62N0B/01, D86DK62N0B/02, D86DK62N0B/03, D79S45N0GB/01, D79S45N0GB/02, D79S45N0GB/03, D89G45N0GB/01, D89G45N0GB/02, D89G45N0GB/03, I79S45N0GB/01, I79S45N0GB/02, I79S45N0GB/03, I79S45N0GB/04, D67S45N0GB/01, D67S45N0GB/02, D67S45N0GB/03, D89D55N1GB/01, D89D55N1GB/02, D89D55N1GB/03, D79M56N0GB/01, D79M56N0GB/02, D79M56N0GB/03, D79M56N0GB/04, D77M55N0GB/01, D77M55N0GB/02, D77M55N0GB/03, D76M55N0GB/01, D76M55N0GB/02, D76M55N0GB/03, D66S45N0GB/01, D66S45N0GB/02, D66S45N0GB/03, D69S45N0GB/01, D69S45N0GB/02, D69S45N0GB/03, D79M55N0GB/01, D79M55N0GB/02, D79M55N0GB/03, D76S45N0GB/01, D76S45N0GB/02, D76S45N0GB/03

Replaces: 00621473

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