Neff Compatible 00351210 Carbon Filter

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Also Known As:Charcoal Filter, Anti Odour Filter, Extractor Filter, Active Filter

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Overview: This high quality Neff compatible 00351210 carbon filter will create a fresher kitchen environment for you and your family. They do this by recirculating the air to keep bad food odours at bay by absorbing the grease residue left behind after use. We recommend that you replace your carbon filters at least once every 6 months for optimum efficiency. Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufactures names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): LD8181N0/01, D8980N0GB/01, D91M5N0GB/01, D99T7N0GB/02, D8181N0/03, D9970N1GB/01, D8181N0/05, D90R7N0GB/01, D9970N1GB/02, D8985N0GB/01, D8985N0GB/02, D8985N0GB/03, D8985N0GB/04, D90R7N0GB/02, D90R7N0/01, D90R7N0/02, D99T7N0GB/01, D9970N0GB/01, D9970N0GB/02, D9970N0GB/03, D9970N0GB/04, D91T7N0GB/01, D91T7N0GB/02, D8985N0/06, D8980N1/01, D8980N1/03, D8980N1/04, D8980N1GB/01, D8985N1/01, D8980N1GB/03, D8985N1/02, D8980N1GB/04, D8985N1/03, D8980N2/01, D8980N2/02, D8980N2/03, D8980N2GB/01, D8985N0/01, D8985N0/03, D8985N0/04, D8985N0/05, D90R7N0GB/01, D91M5A0/01, D91M5N0/01, D91T7A0/01, D91T7N0/01, D9980N0/01, D99T5N0/02, D99T5N0GB/01, D9980N1/01, D99T6N0/01, D9970N0/02, D9980N1/02, D99T6N0GB/01, D9970N0/03, D99A7N0/01, D99T7A0/01, D9970N0/04, D99A7N0/02, D99T7A0/02, D99A7N0GB/01, D99T7N0/01, D99T7N0/02, D9970N1/01, D9970N1/02, D9970N1/03, D99R7N0/01, D99R7N0GB/01, D9970N1GB/03, D99T5N0/01, D99T7N0RU/01, D91T7N0/02, D99R7N0/02, D91T7A0/02, D99R7N0GB/02, I89D55N0GB/01, D9980N0GB/01

Replaces: 00351210, 00571885, DHZ5160, Z5114X5(00)

Manufacturer original part: No

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