Miele 8266430 Cooker Hood Lamp Assembly

SKU: CHB122/444

Fits: Miele

Also Known As: Complete Halogen Light Assembly

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Overview: This Miele 8266430 halogen light assembly can be fitted onto the underside of your cooker hood, it will provide light when you're cooking.

Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): DA112, DA250-4, DA259-2EXT, DA270ALU, DA119, DA250-4EXT, DA259-3, DA270EXT, DA190, DA250EXT, DA259-4, DA270EXTAL, DA190-2, DA251, DA259-4EXT, DA270U, DA190-2EXT, DA251-4, DA259-4U, DA270UALU, DA190-2U, DA252, DA259EXT, DA279, DA190EXT, DA252-2, DA269, DA279-3, DA190U, DA252-2EXT, DA269-4, DA279-4, DA211, DA252-3, DA270, DA279-4ALU, DA218, DA252-4, DA270-4, DA279-4EXA, DA226-2, DA252-4EXT, DA270-4ALU, DA279-4EXT, DA227-2, DA252-4U, DA270-4EXA, DA279ALU, DA229-2, DA252EXT, DA270-4EXT, DA279EXT, DA229-2EXT, DA259, DA270-4U, DA279EXTAL, DA250, DA259-2, DA270-4UAL, DA400, DA400EXT, DA420EXT, DA424VEXT, DA5100D, DA402, DA420U, DA424VXXL, DA5100DEXT, DA402EXT, DA420V, DA426, DA5100DU, DA403, DA420VEXT, DA426-4, DA5190W, DA403EXT, DA422, DA428, DA5190WEXT, DA410-4, DA422-4, DA428-4, DA5290D, DA416-4, DA422-4EXT, DA428-4EXT, DA5290DEXT, DA4164SS, DA422EXT, DA428EXT, DA5290W, DA419-4, DA424, DA429, DA5290WEXT, DA420, DA424-4, DA429-4, DA5294D, DA420-4, DA424-4ETI, DA429-4ETI, DA5294DEXT, DA420-4ETI, DA424-4EXT, DA429-4EXT, DA5294W, DA420-4EXT, DA424-4TI, DA429-4J, DA5294WEXT, DA420-4TI, DA424EXT, DA429-4TI, DA5320D, DA420-4U, DA424V, DA429EXT, DA5320W, DA5321D, DA5330W, DA5390W, DA5590W, DA5321W, DA5341D, DA5391W, DA5330D, DA5381W, DA5590D

Replaces: 8266430

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