Elica Compatible GF03FC Metal Grease Filter

SKU: CHF981/128

Fits: Elica

Measurements: 458mm x 177mm
Also Known As:Metal Grid, Aluminium Panel, Aluminium Filter

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Overview: This high quality Elica compatible GF03FC metal grease filter is essential for your cooker hood as they will keep your kitchens environment grease free for you and your family, they do this by collecting grease residue overtime, so your filters will eventually need to be replaced for your cooker hood to be running efficiently.

Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): Boxin HE 60, Boxin Plus 60, Ciak-60, Ciak-Lux-60, ELIBLOC, ELIBLOC 9 ST GR A/60, Elibloc9-60-1m, Elibloc9-60-2m, Elibloc-HT-60, ELB-HT-60, ELB-60-2M, ELB-60-1M, ELB-60-RM, SKLOCK, Sklock-60, Sklock-LED-60, Sleek-80 (Hidden 90 on rating plate), Sleek-HT-80 (Hidden-HT-90 on rating plate), CIAK GR/A/56, CIAKLUXGRAL56, GRA56, CIAKGRA568, ELIBLOC 9 ST SILVER F/60, CIAK GR/A/56.8

Replaces: GF03FC

Measurements: 458mm x 177mm

PRF: 1745563/2, 1745563/3, 1745563A, 17511887, 17511887, 17511887, 17511887A, 17511887B, 1755555/2, 1755555/3, 1755555A, 1768336A, PRF0003941, PRF0003967, PRF0005967A, PRF0005968A, PRF0005969B, PRF0006081B, PRF0008404, PRF0008404A, PRF0047509, PRF0047509A, PRF0047509B, PRF0047509C, PRF0057571, PRF0095073, PRF0095073A, PRF0097708, PRF0097708A, PRF0097795, PRF0097795A, PRF0101141, PRF0104623, PRF0104623A, PRF0121068, PRF0121068A, PRF0121068B, PRF0121264, PRF0133602, PRF0133892, PRF0136434, PRF0136441, PRF0142001, PRF0142001A, PRF0142480, PRF0157377, PRF0157394, PRF0157404, PRF0160153, PRF0160730, PRF0164356, PRF0164391, PRF0165834, PRF0169514, PRF0169535, PRF0169671, PRF0184107, PRF0182867, PRF0097796A, PRF0164361

12nc: 208016553201, 208018904410, 208018904410, 208018904410, 208018904412, 208018904416, 208018904421, 208018904423, 208018904426, 208102353201, 208298104403, 208298104405, 208298104407, 208298104408, 208298161101, 208298161103, 208318404401, 208347604404, 208350504404, 208350561104, 208350604410, 208355404534, 208355404611, 208355404617, 208355404834, 208355404836, 208355404896, 208355404992, 208355405060, 208355405061, 208355405064, 208355405065, 208355405215, 208355405216, 208355405217, 208355405220, 208355405222, 208355405224, 208355405225, 208355405325, 208355405802, 208355405818, 208355405862, 208355405998, 208355406082, 208355406090, 208355406092, 208355406098, 208355406157, 208355406300, 208355406334, 208355406335, 208355406336, 208355406338, 208355406340, 208355406342, 208355406826, 208355406824, 208355405999, 208355405705, 208355405890, 208355405709, 208355405707, 208355406061, 208355406063, 208018904407

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Ana Mafalda
Very good

All fitted perfectly and easy to install.

Lesley WILLS

The items supplied , carbon filter and metal filter were a while coming , due to an error on Royal Mails part .This was dealt with swiftly by the company who I cannot fault . The items are as described and well made . Unfortunately the metal filter is too large for my cooker hood ... i'm sure that that is my mistake but I can see that if it was the correct size it would be ideal

Shuyeb Muquit
Elica compatible GF03FC Filter

Great not nonsense fit; appears as good a quality as original replaced -

But we considered delivery time very slow in this day and age - but product quality in the end mitigated concern on this ancillary issue

Sandra W
New filter for cooker

Replacement came quickly and was easy to order on line

Pamela Thomas
grease filter

Excellent service easy to complete the questions to buy the filter 5 star service