Electrolux Compatible 50239700003 Halogen Lamp 20w

SKU: CHB663/896

Fits: Electrolux

20W MR11 Lamp (GU4)

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Overview: Electrolux Compatible 50239700003 Halogen Lamp 20w for select models of Electrolux cooker hoods.

Genuine Part: No
Please note this is a compatible spare part which corresponds to manufacturers' names and numbers.

Fits Model(s): DAV75X, EFC6536X/S, EFC9516X/S, EFC9556X/S, EFA12540X, EFC6540U, EFC9520X/CH, EFC9566X/S, EFA12545X, EFC6540X, EFC9526X/S, EFCR653A, EFA90531X, EFC6540X/GB, EFC9530X, EFCR653U, EFA90540X, EFC7540X, EFC9536U, EFCR653X, EFA9480X, EFC7540X/GB, EFC9536U/S, EFCR950U, EFC1060X, EFC90420X, EFC9536X, EFCR950X, EFC1540X, EFC90531X, EFC9536X/S, EFCR951X, EFC60420X, EFC9360X, EFC9540U, EFCR952X, EFC6422X, EFC9422X, EFC9540X, EFCR953A, EFC6423X, EFC9423X, EFC9540X/GB, EFCR953U, EFC6510X/CH, EFC9506U, EFC9541X, EFCR953X, EFC6536U, EFC9506U/S, EFC9546X/S, EFCR954X, EFC6536U/S, EFC9506X/S, EFC9550X/A, EFCR955X, EFC6536X, EFC9510X/CH, EFC9551X/A, EFCR956X, EFG10750X, EFG70023S, EFP60271X, IHAXIA, EFG50023S, EFG7529X, EFT60022K, ZHC4284X, EFG5529X, EFG7530X, EFT60022S, EFG5530X, EFG90750X, EFT60022W, EFG60750X, EFI60200W, IH AXIA X

Replaces: 50239700003

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