Electrolux 50029011009 Change Over Switch (5 Pack)

SKU: CHSW983/204

Fits: Electrolux

Electrolux Part Number: 50029011009

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Overview: Electrolux 50029011009 Change Over Switch (5 Pack) for select models of Electrolux cooker hoods.

Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): CH120BK, CH120X, CH60BK, CH90BK, CK2320/60, CK2320/80, CK2320/90, DAEFT513BR, DAEFT513WE, EFC60001K, EFC60001W, EFC60001X, EFC60RX, EFC630K, EFC630X, EFC635X, EFC635X/A, EFC70001X, EFC70011X, EFC90001K, EFC90001W, EFC90001X, EFC90505X, EFC90904X, EFC90905X, EFC935X, EFC935X/A, EFC9505/S, EFC9505K/S, EFC9505X/S, EFG50021S, EFG50022S, EFG50023S, EFG514G, EFG520G, EFG525G, EFG530G, EFG5529X, EFG5530X, EFG70023S, EFG714G, EFG7390X, EFG750X/A, EFG7529X, EFG7530X, EFI625G, EFI630G, EFS611B, EFT5529, EFT55291, EFT55291B, EFT55291K, EFT5529B, EFT5529K, EFT60001B, EFT60001K, EFT60001W, EFT60001X, EFT60002W, EFT60002X, EFT60003X, EFT60004K, EFT60004W, EFT60004X, EFT60022K, EFT60022S, EFT60022W, EFT600B, EFT600K, EFT600W, EFT605B, EFT605W, EFT615B, EFT615W, EFT615X, EFT623, EFT623B, EFT627B, EFT627K, EFT627W, EFT6500W, EFT6500X, EFT6504W, EFT6529, EFT65291, EFT65291B, EFT65291K, EFT6529B, EFT6529K, EFT6530W, EFT900B, EFT900K, EFT900W, EFT927B, EFT927K, EFT927W, EH300BR, EH300W, EHOODBR, EHOODSS, EHOODWH, EPHOODBR, EPHOODWH

Replaces: 50029011009, 1110022550020, 1110022683540, 1110040216877, 2924259300209, 2924259300217, 3233779002, 4002000216, 4006112926, 40216871, 43104440216876, 4334048483514, 4334086604328, 4344010290110, 4399990019657, 499983617, 50029313009, 53181437004, 53181579003, 572591451008, 6855993991, 6856042996, 7001191, 7005267, 8996600139167, 9113432, 9113580, 955006432, 959715715

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