Brandt 79X0878 Metal Grease Filter

SKU: CHF147/683

Fits: Brandt

Also Known As:Metal Grid, Aluminium Panel, Aluminium Filter

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Overview: This high quality Brandt 79X0878 metal grease filter will keep your kitchens environment smelling fresh and clean. They collect the grease caused by cooking, so overtime the will eventually need to be replaced as the air won’t circulate as efficiently.

Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): HE8235E1, HE8235E11, HE8935E1, HE8935E11, HM7925E1, HM7925E11, HM8335E1, HM8335E11, HM8625E2, HM8625E21, HM8900E1, HM8900E11, HM8925E1, HM8925E11, HM8984F2, HM8984F21, HN7925E1, HN7925E11, HN8900E1, HN8900E11, HN8925E1, HN8925E11, HV8235E2, HV8235E21, HV8236E1, HV8236E11, HV8934F1, HV8934F11, HV8935E2, HV8935E21, HV8936E1, HV8936E11, HW7925E1, HW7925E11, HW8900E1, HW8900E11, HW8925E1, HW8925E11, HN8624F22, HW8624F21, HM8632F11, HE8985E11, HW8624F22, HW8984F22, HW8985E1, HW8985E11, HM8984F11, HM8625E1, HM8625E11, HL8953E11, HL8953E1, HN8625E1, HN8625E11, HN8985E1, HN8985E11, HE7985E1, HE8685E1, HE8685E11, HM8635E1, HM8935E1, HM8985E1, HV8235E1, HV8935E1, HW8625E1, HX8635E1, HX8935E1

Replaces: 79X0878, AS6004510

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