Brandt 76X4102 Cooker Hood Light Diffuser

SKU: CHF935/866

Fits: Brandt

Measurements: 420mm x 68mm
Also Known As:Lamp Cover, Lamp Diffuser, Plastic Cover, Bulb Cover

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Overview: High quality Brandt 76X4102 lamp cover for Brandt cooker hoods with matching model numbers.

Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): HM8628E11, ACGB6W1G, ACGB6W1G1, ACGB6X1G, ACGB6X1G1, ACGB6X1U, ACGB6X1U1, AD216BE1, AD216BE11, AD216WE1, AD216WE11, AD216XE1, AD216XE11, AD229BE1, AD229BE11, AD229DE1, AD229DE11, AD229EE1, AD229EE11, AD229WE1, AD229WE11, AD629EE1, AD629EE11, AD6450B, AD6450B1, AD6450N, HDG655B, HDG655B1, HDG655N, HDG655N1, HDG655X, HDG655X1, HDG965B, HDG965B1, HDG965N, HDG965N1, HDG965X, HDG965X1, HDM650B, HDM650B1, HDM650N, HDM650N1, HDM650RB, HDM650RB1, HDM650RN, HDM650RN1, HDM650X, HDM650X1, HDM650X, HDM650X2, HDM960B, HDM960B1, HDM960B, HDM960B2, HDM960N, HDM960N1, HDM960N, HDM960N2, HDM960RB, HDM960RB1, HDM960RN, HDM960RN1, HDM960X, HDM960X1, HDM960X, HDM960X2, HDM960X, HDM960X3, AFLG9X1U2, HM8928E21

Replaces: 76X4102, 72X4484, BNT76X4102, BNT72X4484

Serial Number(s): 01-35-00260

Measurements: 420mm x 68mm

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Very helpful on line assistance .

I was unsure of availability of the part as my cookerhood is 16 years old.
Delighted with the help to find the correct item,and also the speed to supply.
Will definitely recommend .