Bosch 00175069 Cooker Hood Lamp Assembly

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Fits: Bosch

Also Known As:Complete Halogen Light, Halogen Lamp Assembly

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Overview: Specification Type: Halogen Wattage: 20w Volts: 12v This Bosch 00175069 lamp assembly can be fitted onto the underside of your cooker hood, it will provide light when you're cooking and can be replaced.

Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): DHI645F/01, DHI685S/01, DHL545S/01, DHL555BNL/01, DHI645F/02, DHI685S/02, DHL545S/02, DHL575B/01, DHI645FSD/01, DHI685S/03, DHL545S/03, DHL575B/02, DHI645FSD/02, DHI755F/01, DHL545SGB/01, DHL575B/03, DHI655F/01, DHI755F/02, DHL545SGB/02, DHL575B/04, DHI655F/02, DHI945F/01, DHL545SGB/03, DHL705B/01, DHI655FCH/01, DHI945F/02, DHL545SSD/01, DHL705B/02, DHI655FCH/02, DHI955F/01, DHL545SSD/02, DHL755B/01, DHI655FSD/01, DHI955F/02, DHL545SSD/03, DHL755B/02, DHI655FSD/02, DHI955FX/01, DHL555B/01, DHL755B/03, DHI655FX/01, DHI955FX/02, DHL555B/02, DHL755BNL/01, DHI655FX/02, DHI965V/01, DHL555B/03, DHL775B/01, DHI665V/01, DHI965V/02, DHL555BCH/01, DIE165E/01, DHI665V/02, DHL505B/01, DHL555BCH/02, DIE165EI/01, DHI665VI/01, DHL505B/02, DHL555BCH/03, DIE165R/01, DIE165RI/01, DKE655M/01, DKE665M/01, DKE685C/02, DKE645E/01, DKE655M/02, DKE665M/03, DKE685C/03, DKE645E/02, DKE655M/03, DKE665MGB/01, DKE685CI/01, DKE645EGB/01, DKE655M/04, DKE665MGB/03, DKE685T/01, DKE645EGB/02, DKE657D/01, DKE665P/01, DKE685T/02, DKE645M/01, DKE657D/02, DKE665PGB/01, DKE687T/01, DKE645MGB/01, DKE657D/03, DKE665R/01, DKE745F/01, DKE655D/01, DKE657DGB/01, DKE665X/01, DKE745F/02, DKE655D/04, DKE657DGB/02, DKE665X/02, DKE745G/01, DKE655D/05, DKE657DGB/03, DKE665Y/01, DKE745L/01, DKE655DGB/01, DKE657E/01, DKE667E/01, DKE745L/02, DKE655DGB/04, DKE657E/02, DKE667E/04, DKE745N/01, DKE655DGB/05, DKE665E/01, DKE667EGB/01, DKE755M/01, DKE655E/01, DKE665E/03, DKE667R/01, DKE755M/02, DKE655E/02, DKE665EGB/01, DKE685C/01, DKE755M/03, DKE765E/01, DKE945E/01, DKE947F/02, DKE955M/03, DKE765E/03, DKE945E/02, DKE947G/01, DKE955M/04, DKE765M/01, DKE945EAU/01, DKE9505AUC/01, DKE955MBR/01, DKE765M/03, DKE945EGB/01, DKE955D/01, DKE955X/01, DKE765MGB/01, DKE945EGB/02, DKE955D/04, DKE9565AUC/01, DKE765MGB/03, DKE945F/01, DKE955D/05, DKE957D/01, DKE765P/01, DKE945F/02, DKE955DAU/01, DKE957D/02, DKE765PGB/01, DKE945G/01, DKE955DAU/04, DKE957D/03, DKE765R/01, DKE945L/01, DKE955DGB/01, DKE957DAU/01, DKE767E/01, DKE945L/02, DKE955DGB/04, DKE957DAU/02, DKE767E/03, DKE945M/01, DKE955DGB/05, DKE957DGB/01, DKE767R/01, DKE945MGB/01, DKE955E/01, DKE957E/01, DKE785C/01, DKE945N/01, DKE955E/02, DKE957E/02, DKE785C/02, DKE9465EUC/01, DKE955M/01, DKE9605MUC/01, DKE9405EUC/01, DKE947F/01, DKE955M/02, DKE9605PUC/01, DKE965E/01, DKE965MBR/01, DKE967E/04, DKE995FAU/01, DKE965E/02, DKE965MBR/02, DKE967EGB/01, DKE995FAU/02, DKE965E/03, DKE965MBR/03, DKE967R/01, DKE995FGB/01, DKE965EGB/01, DKE965MGB/01, DKE975R/01, DKE995FGB/02, DKE965K/01, DKE965MGB/03, DKE995E/01, DKE995FI/01, DKE965K/02, DKE965P/01, DKE995E/02, DKE995I/01, DKE965K/03, DKE965PGB/01, DKE995E/03, DKE995P/01, DKE965L/01, DKE965R/01, DKE995EAU/01, DKE995P/02, DKE965L/02, DKE965X/01, DKE995EBR/01, DKE995P/03, DKE965L/03, DKE965X/02, DKE995EGB/01, DKE995X/01, DKE965M/01, DKE965Y/01, DKE995EGB/02, DKE997E/01, DKE965M/02, DKE9665MUC/01, DKE995EGB/03, DKE997E/02, DKE965M/03, DKE9665PUC/01, DKE995F/01, DKE997E/03, DKE965MAU/01, DKE967E/01, DKE995F/02, DHL705B/03, DHL705B/04, DHL775B/02, DHL775B/03, DHL775B/04, DHL755B/04

Replaces: 00175069, 175069

Extra Information: ZIK5

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