Bauknecht 481946279986 Lamp Cover

SKU: CHLD239/764

Fits: Bauknecht

Also Known As:Light Cover, Lamp Diffuser, Plastic Cover, Bulb Cover

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Overview: Bauknecht 481946279986 - C00317352 lamp cover for select models of Bauknecht cooker hoods.

Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): DKE1360IN, DKE1390IN, DKE3360AL, DKE3360IN1, DKE3360IN2, DKE3360IN, DKE3360SW1, DKE3360SW, DKE3360WS1, DKE3360WS, DKE3390AL, DKE3390IN1, DKE3390IN2, DKE3390IN, DKE3390SW1, DKE3390SW, DKE3390WS, DKE5790IN, DKEL3760AL, DKEL3760IN, DKEL3760SW, DKEL3760WS, DKEL3790IN, DKEL3790ING, DKEL3790SW/G, DKEL3790SW, DKEL3790WS/G, DKEL3790WS

Replaces: 481946279986, C00317352

Serial Number(s): 857455301050, 857455315050, 857458315050, 857422715050, 857422715060, 857422715020

Measurements: 172mm x 67mm

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