Bauknecht Cooker Hood Lamp Holder

SKU: CHLH114/449

Fits: Bauknecht

Also Known As: Light Bulb Holder, Bulb Holder

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Overview: Bauknecht cooker hood lamp holder for select models of Bauknecht cooker hoods.

Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): DC5460WS, DE3360SG, DEHL5360SG, DEM3360WS, DF1261BR, DF1261IN, DF1261SW, DF1261WS, DF1362BR, DF1362IN, DF1362WS, DF3362IN, DF5360BR, DF5360-1BR, DF5363BR, DF5363WS, DF5460BR, DF5460IN, DF5560IN, DF3360BR, DF3360SW, DF3360WH, DF3362FBR, DF3362FSW, DF3362FWH, DF5360WS-1, DFG3360SG, DFH3360BR, DFH3390BR, DFH5363BR, DFH3390FBR, DFH3390FWS, DFH3390WS, DIM660/1BR, DIM660/1WS, DIM760/1BR, DIM760/1WS, DKE1361IN, DKE3361IN, DKE3361IN-1, DKE5361IN, DKE5361WS, DKE3360SW, DKE3360WS, DKE3390IN, DKE3390SW, DKE3390WS, DKEL3790/G, DKN1360IN, DKR3790AR, DL3351IX, DL3352BR, DL3352NB, DL3352SG, DL3352WS, DLHI3350IX, DLHI5360IN, DLHI3350IN, DLHI3350IX, DLHI5360IN, DNHI3260SG, DNHV1361SG, DNHV5363SG, DNHV5460SG, DNI2455/SG-1, DNI2460BR, DNI2460WS, DNV5360SG, DNV5460SG, DNV5463SG, DS2355BR, DS2355WS, DS2360BR, DS2360WH, E260BR, MNC4013SW, MNC4013WS, MNC4013/1SW, MNC4013/1WS

Replaces: 481225528008, C00311279

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