Balay 00170071 Cooker Hood Socket

SKU: CHSP491/141

Fits: Balay

Balay Part Number: 00170071

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Overview: Balay 00170071 Cooker Hood Socket for select models of Balay cooker hoods.

Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): 3BD764B/01, 3BD764B/01, 3BD764B/03, 3BD764B/03, 3BD764B/05, 3BD764B/05, 3BD764N/01, 3BD764N/01, 3BD764N/03, 3BD764N/03, 3BD764N/05, 3BD764N/05, 3BD764X/01, 3BD764X/01, 3BD764X/03, 3BD764X/03, 3BD764X/05, 3BD764X/05, 3BD774BP/01, 3BD774BP/01, 3BD774NP/01, 3BD774NP/01, 3BD774XP/01, 3BD774XP/01, 3BD794B/01, 3BD794B/01, 3BD794B/03, 3BD794B/03, 3BD794B/05, 3BD794B/05, 3BD794N/01, 3BD794N/01, 3BD794N/03, 3BD794N/03, 3BD794N/05, 3BD794N/05, 3BD794X/01, 3BD794X/01, 3BD794X/03, 3BD794X/03, 3BD794X/05, 3BD794X/05, 3BD796B/01, 3BD796B/01, 3BD796B/03, 3BD796B/03, 3BD796B/05, 3BD796B/05, 3BD796N/01, 3BD796N/01, 3BD796N/03, 3BD796N/03, 3BD796N/05, 3BD796N/05, LC1BYN5/01, LC1BYN5/01

Replaces: 00170071

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