AEG Cooker Hood Carbon Filter Frame

SKU: 50253564004

Fits: AEG

AEG Part Number: 50253564004

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Overview: This AEG 50253564004 plastic bracket will hold your carbon filter in your cooker hood securely in place.

Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): 2060D-M, 8260D-B, 8460D-M/CH, DK9660M/CH, 2060D-M/CH, 8260D-M, 8460D-M/S, DK9660-M/S, 2060D-M/GB, 8290D-M, 8490D-M, DK9660-M9, 2060D-M/S, 8290D-M/GB, 8490D-M/CH, DK9660-MR, 8160D-AL, 8360D-B, 8490D-M/S, DK9690-AD, 8160D-AL/S, 8360D-M, DK9160-AL, DK9690-AD9, 8160D-B, 8360D-M/S, DK9160-M, DK9690-M, 8160D-M, 8361D-AD, DK9160-W, DK9690M/CH, 8160D-M/GB, 8361D-M, DK9190-AL, DK9690-M/S, 8160D-W, 8390D-B, DK9190-M, DK9690-M9, 8190D-AL, 8390D-M, DK9360-M, DK9690-MR, 8190D-B, 8390D-M/S, DK9390-M, DK9960-M, 8190D-M, 8391D-AD, DK9660-AD, DK9990-M, 8190D-M/AUS, 8391D-M, DK9660-AD9, DK9990-M9, 8190D-W, 8460D-M, DK9660-M, HC3360M, HC3360-M, HC5690M, HC5690-M

Replaces: 50253564004

PNC: 94212263901

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