AEG 4055182986 Cooker Hood Lamp Cover

SKU: CHLC491/070

Fits: AEG

Also Known As:Light Cover, Lamp Diffuser, Plastic Cover, Bulb Cover

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Overview: AEG 4055182986 Cooker Hood Lamp Cover for select models of AEG cooker hoods.

Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): DU3160-ML, DU3150-ML, DU4190-M/UE, DU4161-M, DU4161-W, DU4161-D, DU4361-M, DU4361-W, DU4361-D, DU4160-M/UE, DUB1620M, DUB1610M, DUB1610W, DUB1610D, DUB1630M, DUB1930M, DUE0600M, HU4360-M/GB, HU3360-W/GB, HU3360-D/GB, DD8625-M, DU3360-W, DU4360-M, HU4360-M, DU4361-M9, DU4361-AD9, HU3360-W, DU4190M/UE, DU4631-AD9

Replaces: 4055182986, 50275987001

Measurements: 59mm x 330mm

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