Thermor 72X4484 Cooker Hood Light Diffuser

SKU: CHF935/868

Fits: Thermor

Measurements: 420mm x 68mm
Also Known As:Lamp Cover, Lamp Diffuser, Plastic Cover, Bulb Cover

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Overview: High quality Thermor 72X4484 lamp cover for Thermor cooker hoods with matching model numbers.

Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): HDG655B, HDG655B1, HDG655N, HDG655N1, HDG655X, HDG655X1, HDG965B, HDG965B1, HDG965N, HDG965N1, HDG965X, HDG965X1, HDM650B, HDM650B1, HDM650N, HDM650N1, HDM650RB, HDM650RB1, HDM650RN, HDM650RN1, HDM650X, HDM650X1, HDM650X, HDM650X2, HDM960B, HDM960B1, HDM960B, HDM960B2, HDM960N, HDM960N1, HDM960N, HDM960N2, HDM960RB, HDM960RB1, HDM960RN, HDM960RN1, HDM960X, HDM960X1, HDM960X, HDM960X2, HDM960X, HDM960X3

Replaces: 72X4484, 76X4102, BNT72X4484, BNT76X4102

Measurements: 420mm x 68mm

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