AEG 4055040689 Motor Anticlockwise Rotation

SKU: CHM433/145

Fits: AEG

AEG Part Number: 4055040689

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Overview: AEG 4055040689 Motor Anticlockwise Rotation for select models of AEG cooker hoods.

Genuine Part: Yes

Fits Model(s): CHDD8890-A/GB, CHDI8820-A/GB, DD8625-M, DD8665-A, DD8665-M, DD8695-A, DD8695-M, DD8695-M/A, DD8696A, DD8696-A, DD8696-A9, DD8696-M, DD8696-M9, DD8765-M, DD8765M/CH, DD8765-M/CH, DD8794-M, DD8795-M, DD8795-M/A, DD8795M/CH, DD8795-M/CH, DD8796A, DD8796-A, DD8820-A, DD8821-M, DD8821-M9, DD8861-AD, DD8861-M, DD8861-M/CH, DD8890-A, DD8891-AD, DD8891-M, DD8891-M/A, DD8891-M/CH, DD8891-M9, DD8990M, DD8990-M, DD8991-AD9, DD9864-M, DD9874-M, DD9894-M, DI8820-A, DI8821-M, DI8821-M/A, DI9610-A, DI9610-M, DI9814-M, HD8760-M, HD8760-M/GB, HD8795-M, HD8795M/GB, HD8820-A, HD8890-A, HD8960-AD, HD8960-M, HD8960-M/GB, HD8990-AD, HD8990-M, HD8990-M/GB, HI8820-A

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